Toros Dental

Toros Dental is one of the global leaders in dental sector. We manufacture and export Artificial Composite, Acrylic, Radiopaque and Porcelain Teeth, Acrylic Powders, Liquids, Dental Investments and Investment Liquids, Dental Waxes, Sodium Hypochlorite by experience since 1984. Currently we export more than 37 countries around the World including European, Balkan, North & South African, American, Russian, Arabic countries. We are proud to be one of the leaders in our field with our NT teeth series and dental laboratory products.

All of our products are manufactured according to ISO 13485 and CE Quality System Assurance Management with an innovative technology as well as strict controls.
Beside our own brands, we also produce Private Label Teeths as per quality requirements of our customers in Europe.
Moreover, we see innovation as an important means by which we can meet our obligations to society. Customer focus, quality, innovation and partnership lives at the heart of everything we do, in the way we work, in the durability, safety and suitability of our products. From doing what it takes to ensure we deliver on time and as agreed, to providing world-class dental products.

When you work with TOROS DENTAL, you work with a company whose approach is to think and act as your partner. A company comprised of people who really listen to your requirements and are ready to work with you willingly to develop dental solutions that add real value for your business and your customers.



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