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Acrylic Resin Teeth
The Brinell Hardness reports given by the univercities prove that our acrylic teeth series have the perfect harmony of firing technique, hardness and the shades. The acrylic teeth we produce have high level hardness values. The Brinell Hardness value of our acyrlic teeth are between 27 and 29 BH. The universally accepted Brinell Hardness values for acrylic teeth are between 23 and 29 BH. Also the macro coss section reports indicated that our acrylic teeth have realistic color depth, transparency, naturality and mamelon effects of the shades. NT technology enables to make combinations for different face forms in natural appearence.
Porcelain Teeth
Aesthetic, natural, perfect colour harmony, high resistance against to chemical materials. In order to give corrosion resistance to each tooth of NT Prima  sets, they are cross-bonded by IPN.
Composite Teeth
Composite resin teeth exceeds the expectations about hardness. It is a fact  that the surface hardness of the composite resin teeth is double the hardness of acrylic teeth. Composite teeth  have excellent resistance to wear and tear.
Radiopaque Teeth
The implant operations do not give successful results, if the implant planning is made without knowing the upper structure. Therefore, the upper structure must be planned first. Using the radiopaque teeth, a temporary prothesis is prepared according to patient’s occlusion. In this way, a radiological guide is obtained. Whether panoramic or DVT analysis methods are used, the upper structure will be visible on the film.
Laboratory Products
Our Dental Acrylic and Investments has been produced in order to reach the highest technical standards and  to exceed the expectations of the practitioners.